Why ​ATB Kala?

The Slogan of healthy Product, healthy society is one of our fundamental values and our Collection.

Connection with Nature

Nature and environment are one of our most important assets.

High Skill

We supply our Products with the best Formulations.

High Quality

Quality is the first word in our agricultural inputs.

Commercial Cooperation

Our goods are imported from the best companies around the world.


Advantages of our Products​


Protecting your future nutrition is our job.

Quick Effect

The efficiency of the result along with the quick effect is our Goal.

Farmer's Needs

Importance to the farmer's needs is the priority of our company.

New Formulation

It is necessary to use it to produce a better product.

Expert Experts

Undoubtedly, our Forces are trusted and sympathetic to you.

Sustainable Agriculture

Maintaining the sustainability of your plants and agriculture is our priority.


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